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There are many people who are still unaware of the concept of conservatorship and the services of a conservator. A conservatorship initiates when a petition is filed before the Court on behalf of an elderly person or a dependent adult who is unable to take care of his/her own needs and manage finances. A lawyer or law firm will act as a conservator representing the case before the Court of law in order to help the victim pay his bills, daily necessities and other emergency requirements.

Conservatorship service can be segregated into Voluntary and Contested Conservatorship. In case of the former, the affected person has the option to exercise such facility at his/her own will. These are generally concluded in a couple of months with the conservatee having to bear a nominal cost. While in the case of contested conservatorship the elderly person has to fight against all the odds to avail such facility. Even when such facility is availed disagreement arises as to who should be the conservator. In such situations, an attorney is appointed by the Court to represent the conservatee to help justify the fact that the elder needs conservatorship service. San Francisco Barr & Young Attorneys are one of the best in the business to handle such matters.

Estimated cost involved

Contested conservatorship is mostly expensive in comparison to voluntary conservatorship as there are children or family members litigating among themselves to act as the conservator. Mostly, three attorneys are involved in such circumstances, one for the objector, one for the conservator and one for the conservatee. All the attorneys apply before the Court to make use of the conservatee’s fund to fight such case. Reputed professionals like Barr and Young ensure that the conservatee needs to spend only that much amount for which service is availed.

Experienced professionals to the rescue

There are certain unexpected situations which impair the ability of an adult or elderly person to take care of the daily essential required to make a healthy living. This may be due to some accident or physical ailment rendering the person unable to perform any mental or physical act necessary for his daily living. In such case, it is not clear about who should be responsible for taking care of the concerned individual, in the absence of any family member or relative. For such circumstances, the Court comes to the rescue by appointing a conservator to take care of the conservatee and fulfill all his needs.

Experienced law attorneys advice people with no relatives to put all necessary documents ready well before any mishap occurs to avoid any kind of inappropriate situation arising in future. There are various reputed law firms like San Francisco Barr & Young Attorneys engage quality and experienced professionals who help the ones in need and provide necessary advice to ensure a secure future. They provide for Voluntary as well as Contested Conservatorship and put forward the best options for the elderly victim to choose from.


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