Selling and purchasing properties has never been so easy

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Real Estate – Real estate means a portion of land and the buildings on it. A house, a shop, an office, an apartment, etc. are all examples of real estate.

Real Estate Law – Real estate law governs who may own and use land and the building built on it.

Buying a property – Having one’s own house is a dream of almost every person who has been paying rent and been shifting from one place to another. Suppose you buy a house of your own, but the documents turned out to be counterfeit or the seller defrauded you. MyLawyer real estate law lawyers come to your aid at this moment. They will help with you all kinds of issues related to real estate property. If you bought a house and it contains hidden defects and quality is not what was mentioned in the contract then you have the right to file a petition against the seller. MyLawyer lawyers will provide you step-by-step guidelines throughout the entire procedure of buying your house, and if there were any issue they would help you get compensation for your inconvenience.

Selling a property – If buying a property is a risky process then selling a property is no less of a potential landmine. If you get stuck with a buyer who is not willing to pay the remaining amount by using cheap tactics, MyLawyer real estate law lawyers can help you with such situations easily. They will assist you until you are paid all the money you are entitled to according to the contract between you and the buyer.

Lease a property – If you want to lease a commercial property for your business then take the assistance of one of the MyLawyer’s lawyers, and you will be assured that you would not be evicted from the property before the lease agreement is over.

                Services Provided by lawyers in real estate:

  • Advice in negotiating commercial leases
  • Advice in litigation related to hidden defects
  • Litigation in relation to commercial leases
  • Drafting and counseling on real estate contracts
  • Construction law and responsibility of individuals who have participated in the construction of a place
  • Advice and representation in co-ownership law
  • Alternative methods in conflict resolution, like mediation and arbitration
  • Other various litigations related to real estate law

Do not hesitate – consult a lawyer as soon as you think about real estate to save your time, money and most importantly your mental peace.

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