When Should You Hire Medical Negligence Solicitors?

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Clinical negligence can lead to a fatal injury. However, most cases don’t even reach the public because the hospital/clinic offers a generous compensation to the aggrieved party. Unfortunately, most people tend to accept the settlement. Later on, they realise that they were hard done by.

If you hire the help of an established solicitor to fight your medical negligence case, you could come off with a much bigger settlement. In the UK, firms such as Mintons medical negligence solicitors offer a wide range of services. If you have suspicions of medical negligence, you should contact a solicitor immediately. Here are a few situations in which you should immediately seek help from medical negligence solicitors:

Birth Injury to Children

Childbirth is a very serious matter. Unfortunately, some doctors take it very lightly. They don’t realize that the life of the mother and the unborn kid is at stake. Even a simple mistake could lead to a fatal injury. A birth injury to a child could potentially alter his whole life. Apart from mental abnormalities, the child may also be born with physical abnormalities. Obviously, the doctor won’t accept that he/she was at fault. But, if you have your suspicions, you should seriously consider hiring a medical negligence solicitor.

Birth Injury to Children

The solicitor will not only file a claim for clinical negligence on your behalf but will also subpoena the hospital’s records. This will help you confirm your suspicions. It is important to note that claims pertaining to clinical negligence are not as easy to handle. You will need the help of an expert medical negligence solicitor to help you out.

Brain Damage

The brain is perhaps the most sensitive, yet the most crucial organ in the body. If oxygen is delayed to the brain for just a few seconds, it can lead to the loss of many vital bodily functions. However, one of the biggest causes of brain damage in the UK is clinical negligence. If the patient goes into a fit and the doctor isn’t there to handle his case, the patient could suffer from serious brain damage.

Perhaps the most important thing that you should know about brain damage cases is that they are irreversible. It requires years of therapy to help regain proper control of the brain. It’s certainly not easy either. If you feel that clinical negligence was involved, you should consider hiring a reliable medical negligence solicitor.

Brain Damage

Most importantly, you should know that medical negligence solicitors don’t take up cases that easily. Most firms carefully review the cases and offer advice for free in the beginning. If the firm believes that you have a case, they will help you file a claim. If your claim is approved, the firm will charge a percentage of the claim you receive. Established firms are very professional and won’t keep you hanging in the balance. They will tell you whether you have a case or not after the initial review only.

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