Why You May Need To Hire an Apex Workers Compensation Attorney

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Most people who suffer injuries at workplace are often unaware about their rights to compensation and the process of filing for it. In case of severe injuries, it is advisable to consult an attorney to file for compensation.

In certain circumstances, the workers may choose to represent themselves for filing compensation. This usually happens when the injury is minor, the worker does lose a significant amount of wages and the employer admits the claim made by the worker.

Situations when it is advisable to consult an attorney

In case of severe injuries or refusal by the employer to accept the claim for compensation made by the worker, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to represent your case. As a routine, most employers and insurers may deny the compensation claim made by the workers. In such a situation, an attorney can increase the chances of the worker receiving compensation.

Many times, employers and insurers may also offer a compensation amount, which may fail to include lost wages and medical bills and the benefits offered may seem inappropriate considering the severity of the injury and the damages it may have caused. In such situations, an attorney can ensure that the worker receives a fair amount as compensation. It is advisable to hire a lawyer in the following circumstances:

  • When the doctor suggests a surgery for the injury.
  • If you are at a risk of suffering from permanent partial disability due to the injury.
  • You believe that your condition may restrict from taking up regular work.
  • In a situation when the injury may restrict you from working at your existing job profile.
  • You suffer from pre existing conditions or disabilities.
  • In a situation where you feel the decision made by the employer or insurer is unfair and adverse.
  • When the compensation granted is not sufficient.
  • In a situation when the employer denies to give compensation for your medical bills.
  • In situations when you feel that you may be unable to handle the complex procedures of filing for compensation.
  • When the employer fires, demotes or reduces your pay in retaliation to the compensation claim filed by you.
  • Filing third party claims against people who may have contributed to the injury.

Benefits of hiring a lawyer

Hiring an attorney can provide a number of benefits. The attorney can undertake all legal paperwork on your behalf and will ensure submission of all relevant documents within the deadline for filing compensation. The lawyer can make all possible efforts to gather documented evidence to state and support the severity of the injury.

On the basis of calculations, an attorney can estimate a fair value of compensation to be demanded. An Apex workers compensation attorney can represent your case and can tilt the scale in the favor of the worker.

Most employers and insurers may be represented by extremely competent and trained lawyers. Hence, hiring an expert lawyer to represent your case is important in order to improve your chances of receiving a fair compensation.

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