Why you Might Need a Compensation Lawyer

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The legal profession is indeed very complex, with many branches of specific law that cover, criminal, corporate and civil matters, and should you ever suffer a personal injury of any sort, it makes sense to talk to an expert. Many people still have a mental image of paying hundreds of dollars per hour, just to talk with a lawyer, let alone have them represent you in a court of law, yet modern solutions allow a person to be legally represented when making a claim, and only have to pay their lawyer, in the event their claim is successful. Here are just a few of the reasons why a person might need the services of a compensation lawyer.

Public Liability

If a person suffered an injury due to a slip or fall, and it can be proven that the location owner was negligent, they can claim compensation. It might be a wet floor with no signage waring people, as this is a clear case of negligence on the cleaner’s part. You might stub your toe badly on a raised paving slab on the footpath, or in a car park, and these incidents can constitute a claim, if negligence can be proven. Compensation lawyers in Canberra would be happy to evaluate your claim, with no charge, and if they think you have a strong case, would be willing to act on your behalf, on a no win-no fee basis.

Contesting a Will

This often occurs and it can be very stressful, as it usually involves other family members, and a compensation lawyer would handle a will contestation, again, on a no win-no fee basis, providing he or she has evaluated the claim and thinks you have good cause.

Work Injury Claims

Many employees suffer injury due to work related incidents and if a person feels the accident was due to their employer’s negligence, it is possible to make a claim. All businesses would have both public and employee liability insurance, and the latter would cover any injury to an employee that was caused by employer negligence, which must, of course, be proven.

Vehicle Injury Claims

If a person was travelling as a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident, they might be able to make a claim against the driver at fault, if their negligence can be proven. A bus driver, for example, might not have seen a red light until the last minute, and their sudden braking caused you to suffer an injury. This could be argued to be negligence, and if a court agreed with that, you would receive an amount of compensation that the court deemed suitable. Even a pedestrian can claim against a car driver, if they feel the driver was negligent in any way.

Online solutions make contacting a compensation lawyer very easy, and with a no win-no fee system in place, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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